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Issues of the people

Legal Abortion  Job Growth Minimum wage increase to 21.85  Hand gun Expungement Reform wage garnishment reform Automatic weapons reform  (banned to carry in public) Programs to Educate homeless, former  Incarcerated and low income and unemployed Citizens for Certified Classified Jobs with a livable wage of income. Rights of the LGBTQ community. Auto Insurance subsidies for seniors and low income Citizens, thousands  are of Good drivers are driving uninsured not by choice but affordability you should not have have to choose between  your Insurance  and your monthly essentials( Rent, Mortgage, Food, Medicines etc..)


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My Passion is getting Americans a wage increase of 21.85 an hour. It would give a  livable wage so that they can afford the necessities ,with some disposable income left over to enjoy for themselves and their families. It will Also Decrease Poverty and Homelessness.

Job Growth

The Poverty to Profession Program that I am Proposing  to congress, is a Job Program to Help the homeless, Incarcerated, unemployed, people living disenfranchised Neighborhoods. this program will also reinforce the shrinking middle class  and provide a livable wage income  along with a Certified Profession. the program will be 10 to 14 weeks of training to prepare for apprenticeships  for Electrician, Plumbing,  Hvac, Carpentry Etc... also Professions like nursing And Accounting. we will be  Providing Ged programs for those who did not Graduated high school. we would also like to work with employers  and unions for job placement. Read More


  •  immigration is really the key to the US future of a thriving productive country if governed correctly. first we have to stop the demonizing of our Neighbors across the southern border. and we have to legislate a bill that is current with the times. which means a more humane processing systems to speed up the documentation of legal immigrants to rights of citizenships and humane process of deporting illegal immigrants. If the US and Mexico work together with a joint jurisdiction plan to educate illegals of the process and procedures to become legal to cross our borders. this would decrease the population of illegal crossings and unnecessary deaths and hardships of immigrants and minimize cost of tax dollars  for  border security
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Gun Violence

Gun Control  is  an issue that needs  immediate  action, we cannot let our Country keep falling victim to gun violence. certain members of congress have the Appalling Idea of gun Control is to have armed Teachers/Staff and employees of  Schools, Places of faith Shopping establishments, will stop Armed persons from invading public places and murdering adults and children. banning assault weapons and background checks will decrease gun violence, adding more guns in public places will  cause a high percentage of more gun deaths of innocent lives Read More

Political Corruption

Congress has to stop treating these Maga Politicians like politics as usual. how can congress expect that with this extremist congress in power that any legislation can get done. because these Rogue politicians have no interest in governing a country let a alone passing bills into into laws. they only have interest in three things Getting Trump back into power, doing interviewers on conservatives media news programs and Spreading lies and conspiracy theories targeted towards people of color, gender and faith. these type of extremist acts should no longer be allowed in our Government. there should  be immediate action towards this abusive behavior toward our democracy. because of these political extremists there has been a threat of overturning the government and institutions along with injuries and deaths of American Citizens due to their reckless acts. extreme consequence's should  be put into law for extremists politicians. these laws should apply to every American Citizen including congress, the senate and the president and vice President. the law should state anyone found accused of threats to our democracy by physical or conspiracy threats. will be expelled and banned from federal office  and depending on the severity of the crimes prosecution and imprisonment.           Read More

LGBTQ Rights

People have the right to live their lives that fits their lifestyle and Culture. the LGBTQ communities have been under attack for decades ever since they came out for Equal rights and no longer hiding in the shadow of shame that society has cast upon them. today its a more liberal society but not everyone in society  are  ready to accept different lifestyles and  Cultures. Which means we have to protect all citizens rights of the united states without prejudice and Discrimination. Read More

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